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Visualise your BIM models with our powerful 3D viewer

  • BIM Viewer
  • Visualise

Visualise your BIM IFC models and visually check them for issues. We process your IFC models and give you a complete breakdown of the floors, elements and groups.

  • Loads BIM IFC models
  • Federate models from different disciplines
  • BIM Coordination tools

Share your 3D location and everyone follows you in the BIM viewer

  • Live 3D Session
  • Follow Member

There’s no need to waste your time with sharing your screen. Simply share your 3D location and everyone follows you in the BIM viewer.

  • Instant 3D location of your team
  • Follow any team member in 3D space
  • Check who's here with the members tab

All the coordination tools you might need

  • Issue Management
  • Import and generate BCF

Report BCF issues and create enquires from within the BIM viewer for faster coordination.

  • Report issues from within the BIM viewer. Issues are aligned with BCF V2.1 XML
  • View your issues in a powerful dashboard with a board and a calendar view. Filter through your issues in no time.
  • Select elements to include in the issue and add assignee, priority, status, deadline etc.

Next level coordination with virtual meetings - Video, Audio and Share Screen

  • Virtual Meetings
  • Coordination

Have virtual meetings within Studio 3DX with your team, for simpler and faster coordination.

  • Fast video and audio chat
  • Share your screen
  • Keep working on the Studio 3DX while you are in the meeting

Automatically federate your BIM models with your simplified BIM matrix

  • BIM Matrix
  • Federated Model

Create your own custom BIM matrix with phases and types depending on your project requirements. Share the project with all the stakeholders, internal or external and benefit from a powerful model federation.

  • Unlimited phases & types
  • Customisable BIM matrix based on your project specifications
  • Unlimited versions
Features 06

Add collaborators and define their project specific permissions

  • Permissions
  • Members

Choose to add, remove and edit member's permissions at any point in the project cycle.

  • Add and remove members
  • Edit member permissions for parts of the project (view, edit, no access)
  • Add members as administrators of a project

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