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If you are working on a construction project, you have to try Studio 3DX, a cloud solution to coordinate and track everything your team is working on. Use it for all your projects, however small or big.

How Studio3DX works

Studio 3DX is totally customisable and simple to use. Simply upload your IFC 3D model, create and report issues and re-upload a newer version. We'll tell you more about that below.

Visualise your BIM IFC models and visually check them for issues. We process your IFC models and give you a complete breakdown of the floors, elements and groups.

Powerful suite of tools

Explore the wide range of solutions that match your needs. All available on your account in Studio 3DX.

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BIM Viewer

View and collaborate on your BIM projects in real-time.

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Model Versioning

Upload as many versions of your IFC BIM model as you need to coordinate.

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Video Chat

Start or join a new virtual meeting with video, audio and share screen

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BCF Issues

Generate BCF v2.1 Issues from within the BIM viewer.

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Live 3D Session

The 3D position of your team in the BIM viewer in real-time.

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Storage System

Upload any kind of document and share with your team.

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Add members with custom permissions for each project.

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BIM Matrix

Create your own custom BIM matrix with Phases and Types.

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Version comparison

Compare changes between versions of your BIM model.

Our partners span the globe

Companies and organisations that trust us and share common values and goals with us.

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What our clients say

We pride ourselves on optimising our clients' workflow, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about working with us.

Testimonial 01
“Studio 3DX has been an excellent platform for coordinating our BIM projects. We can collaborate interactively in the coordination process in a 3D environment, hold meetings and monitor the evolution of models from different disciplines with the entire team. We also can load our BIM models in the exact built location, which provides a whole new experience in our coordination process and for our clients! Our experience with it is very exciting!“
— Luiz Felipe Lima, Founder - BIM Manager, A+U BIM Architecture
Testimonial 02
“Before finding out about Studio 3DX, I thought you can only use just a few tools to coordinate with your team. However, after using the latest version of Studio 3DX, I learned that there is a way to video call, resolve issues, and collaborate on our BIM projects, in a sole solution! That took our coordination meetings, at Bamboo Arquitectura, to a whole new level“
— Aitor Arteta, Architect - Partner, Bamboo Arquitectura
Testimonial 01
“A robust congratulations to the team at Studio 3DX for a job well done. We've been trying to optimise our BIM workflow since we began our practice in 2020. I am happy to say we are working closely with the Studio 3DX team throughout the on-boarding process, staying on task, and figuring out exactly what we need to coordinate our upcoming projects. I also appreciate their quick and courteous responses. I highly recommend their platform!“
— Mehmet Önder Öztürk, Co-Founder - BIM Manager, SmartPlan AEC
Testimonial 01
“Studio 3DX’s commitment to precision in the overall collaboration of the design cycle ensures sustainable and real-time coordination between teams and stakeholders of a project. I highly recommend Studio 3DX to BIM managers who appreciate and understand the benefits of a holistic approach to BIM coordination, with IFC and BCF open standards, and other powerful collaboration tools; resulting in the minimum waste of time in meetings. That's why I partnered with the Studio 3DX team to discover more solutions to optimise our BIM workflow.“
— Hoang Thai, BIM Manager

True real-time magic

Coordinate with virtual meetings and real-time interactive tools from within your 3D BIM model. Simple as that.


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