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  • Unlimited projects
  • 250 MB storage
  • E-mail support
Billed annually €288
You save €120
If you are an academic professional or a student, please contact us for an academic license.
  • Unlimited projects
  • 50 GB storage
  • E-mail support
Billed annually €588
You save €120
For small to medium teams that need to coordinate in real-time.
  • Unlimited projects
  • 100 GB storage
  • Video and phone support
Contact Sales
For larger teams that need lighting-speed coordination.
  • Unlimited projects
  • Custom storage
  • 24/7 Dedicated video and phone support


The pricing is based per user, per month and it's billed annually
Breakdown of featuresStarterAcademicPremiumEnterprise
PriceFree€24€49Contact us
Unlimited projects
Projects are based on the storage of each plan
Collaborators/Team members
Depending on permissions set by the project owner, collaborators can edit or view
This is the storage quota on your account for all projects combined
250 MB50 GB100 GBCustom
Virtual meetings (video chat)
Video chat inside Studio 3DX - audio, video, share screen
1000 mins/monthUnlimited
Each project owner can set collaborator permissions
Issues are aligned with BCF V2.1
Upload different versions of your BIM model
Upload unlimited documents based on your storage quota
Live 3D Session
Real-time 3D location of collaborators in the BIM viewer (Ability to follow any member in 3D space)
Version comparison
Compare changes between versions of your BIM model
Facilities Management
Tools for Facilities Management for project post-handover
API-based BCF communication to stream issues directly into your communication & BIM software
We offer e-mail, phone and video support depending on your plan
E-mailE-mailVideo and phoneDedicated

Questions & Answers

  • Studio 3DX is developed around the idea of workflow optimisation which simply means, less tools and effort with bigger efficiency. That's what we are constantly working on here at Parametricos. Studio 3DX is a cloud BIM coordination solution that helps you streamline your workflow and reduce at least 2 more software to coordinate with your team. It includes reporting and communication tools like reporting of issues and video chat.

  • Currently we have a trial plan with 250 MB storage limitation. This will change soon.

  • Yes we do. We love working with Universities and non-profits. You can contact us at for such an enquiry.

  • Yes you can. We offer a bespoke affiliate program to anyone that uses Studio 3DX and can bring more users.

  • At the moment you can't. Please contact our support team and they will help you migrate your data internally.

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